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Judd Clarence is the Founder, Director and Leader of Aspen Luxury Brokers and Giant Construction. Through his broad array of mastered skills and  life experiences he brings unique perspectives to clients and helps them navigate the entire spectrum of property ownership in Aspen. 

Judd is a top Real Estate Broker in Aspen and ranks in the top 1% of Coldwell Banker globally. He is also a licensed General Contractor and consistently manages multiple construction projects in and around Aspen. If you’ve dined at Betula, Aspen’s hottest new restaurant, then you’ve experienced the sophistication and nuance of his team’s craftsmanship. 

Judd’s diverse skillset presents unparalleled advantages to Aspen Homebuyers. His ability to conceptualize and means test ideas and innovations maximizes the potential in a property, benefitting both buyers and sellers. 

Besides his real estate and development knowledge, Judd’s clients love his unique character traits which were gained from his experiences and are consistently on display in his work.

  • Pedigree - The son of a property developer and an interior designer, Judd has always had Real Estate, Design, and Build in his life.
  • Perspective - Growing up in the underdeveloped country of South Africa, escaping the post-apartheid fall-out through a European modeling career, enduring a motorcycle accident that ended his career, finding new skills in construction and development, immigrating to the United States, becoming a real estate success then losing it all to the crash, and finally setting sights on Aspen as the pinnacle goal then achieving that dream as an Aspen Homeowner - These experiences have all crescendoed to give Judd perspective in understanding motivations of individuals and groups as well as recognizing trends and social and economic patterns. 
  • Drive - Some people are satisfied with satisfied. Others are happy with happy. But Judd is consistently self motivated to be the best version of himself, constantly competing with the person that he was yesterday and trying to be better. This was a trait learned from his early days of athletic competition - national swim team from age 6, then later became captain, key player in the varsity water polo team, sponsored road cyclist and triathlete, black belt in 3 martial arts, and sponsored surfer. 
  • Entrepreneurship - At age 12, Judd entered an all-boys boarding school and immediately found an opportunity. The school was notorious for its strict grooming standards and enforcement resulting in unsavory and imaginative punishments. So Judd started a miniature barber shop in his dormitory charging fellow students $3 per cut OR $5 if you want it with STYLE. This is just one of the many examples where Judd saw an opportunity that others didn’t.
  • Perseverance - Judd has been met with an endless array of hurdles throughout his life, yet each time a new one emerges, he finds a way to overcome. Most people can’t imagine fleeing their home country because of political strife and unrest. Many would feel defeated after a motorcycle accident devastated their modeling career. Lots more would become jaded after a generational housing crisis wiped out the equity in their entire portfolio. But Judd carries on, and his perseverance is consistently on display in his work.
  • Tenacity - Judd works hard on long hours to complete challenging goals. He doesn’t quit because it’s time to knock off. Judd quits when the race is won and the job is done. 
  • Love - Judd cares deeply for the people in his life and has always built close relationships with family and friends. He maintains relationships around the world and to this day he remains actively engaged with the two dozen guys from his boarding school graduating class. Once you’re in Judd’s circle, you’re more than a business partner, you’re a friend.
  • Intelligence - With all of the hurdles thrown Judd’s way, overcoming them takes more than luck and hard work. It also takes a great deal of intellect. Judd is Always problem-solving and accomplishing goals that others found too difficult. 
  • Education - Not only does Judd possess a formal education from South Africa’s best university and prep school, he also obtained an education in experiencing life around the world and in business from closing thousands of real estate transactions. 

Challenging himself and overcoming obstacles has been Judd’s mission from the start. Now his perspective and vision helps clients see around the corner, overcome what’s next, and leverage winning investment strategies.

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